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Annalou permanent make up clinic offers exciting and revolutionary treatments that will enhance your facial features. Semi permanent make up is essentially cosmetic tattooing. Cosmetic tattooing is really a term that tends not to be used in this industry purely because it has negative connotations with the traditional form of skin tattooing.

Semipermanent make up is different from traditional tattooing in many ways. The specialist cosmetic implantation techniques used, deposit tiny spots of pigment into the upper dermis of the skin, using highly precise digital cosmetic equipment. Pharmaceutical grade pigments provide a wide range of colours which means that they can be specially blended to suit your colouring and individuality. For these reasons cosmetics tattooing is often referred to as semi permanent make up and permanent make up.

Permanent make up clinic and semi permanent make up clinic

Who will benefit from our semi permanent make up clinic services?

Everyone can benefit from semipermanent make up, just imagine waking up with flawless make-up, whatever your lifestyle, you can always look your best. Perfect and full shaped eyebrows, eyeliner that highlights the beauty of your eyes, lips lined or blushed or given a full lip colour, making lips look more youthful and to give uneven lips a symmetrical look. All of these people will benefit from semipermanent make up.

How can Annalou Permanent Make Up Clinic help?

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Why Annalou?

With a great deal of beauty magazine and media coverage people all over the UK are now realising that permanent make up beauty treatment is available to those who don't have the opportunity or budget to travel for treatment on Harley Street. Annalou's practitioner Louise offers permanent make- up at the same highly qualified, professional and hygienic level available on Harley Street but from the serenity of the Warwickshire countryside treatment centre. Discreet, friendly and trusted, Louise offers much more than just a standard cosmetic service. As a highly creative individual she can offer image consultancy, tips and tricks and her perceptive and understanding nature means she can always be relied upon for support and advice.


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